Vet School Unleashed: Dissecting the DVM

Apply for Student Coverage

You will have many clinical experiences during your student years. Your school may have insurance, but there could be gaps in coverage. To help you protect your future, the PLIT program's student professional liability responds when you are accused of veterinary malpractice.

    If you are a student in GU, MA, NH register here.

    1. Register for a PLIT student account      
      *have your SAVMA member number ready, you will need it to register
    2. Check your inbox to verify your email address 
      *your email must be verified within 24 hours before you can proceed
    3. Navigate to Manage My Account
    4. Click "Get Student Liability Coverage"
    5. Complete the application and submit 

    As an emerging professional, do you have the right personal coverage? Call the PLIT veterinary team today to secure your renter's and auto coverage!

    The average renter has about $30,000 of furniture, clothing, electronics, and other valuables. Your landlord's insurance doesn't cover loss or damage of your personal property. Consider the cost to replace everything you own!

    Call or apply online! 


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