Veterinary Business Owner's Package

The PLIT business owner's package policy (BOP) has been developed specifically to meet the unique insurance needs of veterinarians. The policy is designed to help keep your practice open so you can serve your clients.

Please note: these coverages and features are offered through our primary carrier, The Hartford. Surplus lines and other secondary carriers may not include all of these benefits. Please refer to your policy for terms, limitations, and exclusions, or contact the PLIT team. 

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Property Coverage

If any of your property is damaged or destroyed, you can't properly conduct business. Property coverage included in the PLIT program's BOP policy helps you repair and replace valuable practice assets.


General Liability

This portion of your business owners package policy covers your practice in the event that it is found responsible for causing harm to a third-party person and/or property, and helps to cover the cost of your defense.


Business Interruption

Business interruption insurance protects your profit dollar when physical damage to your property causes an interruption of operations. Some typical expenses that can be covered by business interruption insurance include:

  • Normal payroll expenses
  • Overtime
  • The cost of transferring operations to another site, including rent
  • The cost of outside services
  • Lease payments on premises and equipment
  • Lost income as a result of your business interruption
  • Extended business income after your property is restored.


Mechanical Breakdown

Mechanical breakdown coverage protects you from losses due to the accidental breakdown and resulting property damage from mechanical and electrical systems such as: heating and cooling, telephone, fax machines, copiers, and surgical and medical equipment. And because computers are often vital to the efficiency of veterinary practices, the PLIT-sponsored package policy protects you in the event of mechanical breakdown, headcrash or impairment of electrical imaging in your computer system.


Enhanced Protection

In addition to property and general liability coverages, the package policy also includes enhanced protection for damage to: 

  • Accounts receivable records
  • Other valuable records and papers, such as your medical records
  • Exterior signs
  • Computers and media
  • Property off-premises and in-transit
  • Perishables, such as biologicals
  • Exterior building glass
  • Loss due to employee dishonesty
  • Loss of income from off-premises power interruption
  • Damage caused by backup of water through sewers and drains
  • Damage to buildings and contents caused by animals in your care, custody or control