About Us


The AVMA founded the Trust in 1962 as a means to ensure that veterinarians would have an advocate in the management of their professional liability claims. Since the 1960s, this has been a vital component of the PLIT-sponsored Program. Building on the success of the malpractice insurance program, the PLIT expanded its sponsored program offerings to include veterinary license defense, business owner policies, workers’ compensation, employment practices liability, automobile, and comprehensive personal insurance solutions for AVMA and student AVMA members. The security, stability, and strength over the past five decades explain why the PLIT-sponsored Program is the first choice for so many veterinarians and veterinary students for business, malpractice, and personal insurance solutions. Today, more than 65,000 veterinarians participate in the PLIT-sponsored Program.

In addition to the PLIT, the AVMA has a second insurance trust for group health and life, AVMA LIFE. These three separate entities operate independently and maintain separate client databases. Please help keep your records accurate and contact each office with new information.

Meet the PLIT

HUB International

HUB International Midwest Limited has been the insurance broker for the AVMA PLIT since its inception in 1962. One of the reasons for the success of the relationship between HUB and the AVMA PLIT is a shared vision of being the first choice of veterinarians, offering them the best value over the long term. HUB works on behalf of veterinarians to represent their interests to top-rated insurance carriers including Zurich American Insurance Company (professional liability and veterinary license defense), The Hartford (business insurance), Travelers (business insurance), CNA Insurance (employment practices liability), and Chubb (personal umbrella excess liability).