Chatfields and AVMA Trust launch recurring segment for veterinary students

(CHICAGO, Illinois) Oct. 25, 2021 –  “Chats with the Chatfields” is excited to announce the launch of a recurring segment within their hit podcast. The Chatfields have partnered with the AVMA Trust to bring listeners “V’s View from Vet School.” This monthly recurring segment will follow Veronica, a veterinary student, as she takes the journey to become a veterinarian.

Veronica has a unique pre-vet school background: She is a non-traditional student with previous experience working in public health epidemiology, as a forensic analyst for a law enforcement agency, as a veterinary technician, and in private sector industry. Her perspective is anything but boring!

Once each month, “V” will share her thoughts on current events, her studies, and interesting veterinary school happenings as part of the regular episode. Pet lovers and veterinarians alike will be entertained with this peek into the mystery that is veterinary training.

Becoming a veterinarian still ranks high in career-path surveys of young people across the nation and, given the focus on zoonotic diseases and emerging infectious diseases, public interest in the veterinary profession could continue to see increased interest.1 Communication between pet lovers and veterinarians is key to providing animals the opportunity to live their best lives; and insight into the training and process that creates today’s veterinary medical professionals can only enhance communication among the care team.2 Vet students around the world will be entertained (and perhaps comforted) hearing that their experience in the grueling veterinary training is a shared one.

About "Chats with the Chatfields"

Created and co-hosted by twin zoo veterinarians Dr. Jenifer and Dr. Jason Chatfield, “Chats with the Chatfields” provides a unique brand of edu-tainment that appeals to both pet lovers and veterinarians. The show brings animal folks and veterinary professionals together in interesting and authentic conversations about diverse issues. Thought leaders and business leaders alike find their way into the “Chat Room” to tackle such topics as cryptocurrency, antimicrobial resistance, the medicine of bees, and much more – all mixed with down-to-earth perspectives and laughter. Known for both their veterinary-science smarts and humorous banter, this dynamic sibling duo created the world’s fist veterinary podcast to be a finalist for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Find more about these unique siblings in a recent profile by Pet Vet magazine.

Find “Chats with the Chatfields” on the show website, YouTube channel, and on all the major podcast apps, including Apple podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, and Stitcher.

About the AVMA Trust

The AVMA Trust, through AVMA LIFE and AVMA PLIT, offers unparalleled insurance programs and other services to AVMA member veterinarians. From business and professional insurance, to life insurance and disability, and now retirement planning and employee benefits, the Trust is here to protect and support veterinarians and their families at every stage of their personal and professional lives.

The AVMA Trust demonstrates its commitment to the future of the veterinary profession by providing complimentary life insurance and student liability insurance to eligible SAVMA members, supporting student organizations and events, and offering both on-site and virtual educational sessions to help prepare students for real-world practice.