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Veterinary Student Professional Liability Insurance

As a veterinary student, you get to partake in countless hands-on experiences. These experiences provide invaluable opportunities for learning and growth, but they also expose young veterinary students to malpractice risks. Being financially supported in the event of a medical mistake (ex: surgical errors, incorrect dosing, wrongfully administered treatment, etc.) is crucial. If your school offers a group malpractice policy, there’s a good chance it covers school-related clinical experiences, but it likely would not cover non-school sponsored clinical experiences. 

AVMA PLIT takes supporting future veterinarians seriously. We provide SAVMA members with access to free student liability coverage for the entire duration of their veterinary schooling, and our coverage keeps students safe during clinicals, externships and other experiences that occur outside of school.*

*Until the day you become a licensed veterinarian, or the end of the policy year, whichever comes first.

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To learn more about PLIT Student coverage and how it protects you, read our Student Smart Guide.


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Coverage subject to policy terms, limitations, and exclusions. Coverage will be effective the day after your completed application is submitted. You will receive an email confirmation of your application and a certificate evidencing coverage. Coverage must be renewed each year.