July 21, 2015: PLIT Student Blog

Volunteer work proves costly to Student A

Student A began working as an extern at ABC practice under the supervision of Dr. Z. Student A also volunteered at the local humane society. Practice ABC stated that Student A was covered by the practice's commercial (business owner's) policy. On a volunteer day at the humane society, a dog died during surgery while in Student A's care, under the supervision of Dr. Z. The dog's owner surfaced later and alleged that Student A was negligent. Student A and Dr. Z received a letter from the owner's attorney demanding $10,000.

Dr. Z contacted Practice ABC's local insurance agent for help. Unfortunately, because the incident was outside of their employment at Practice ABC, the practice's commercial policy would not respond. Student A and Dr. Z were each forced to locate and hire an attorney experienced in veterinary malpractice. All legal fees and any settlement or court award against them would be out-of-pocket.

Don't' be Student A (or Dr. Z)--secure your own individual professional liability insurance policy that will protect you wherever you work.


Student Liability Insurance Fast Facts

  • There's no cost to you (the AVMA PLIT will sponsor your premium with the insurance carrier)
  • Limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 annual aggregate
  • Responds when you are accused of veterinary malpractice during externships, preceptorships, part-time employment, and volunteer work
  • Coverage follows you wherever you are working


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Coverage will be effective the day after your completed application is submitted. You will receive an email confirmation of your application and a certificate evidencing coverage. An application needs to be completed each calendar year.