News Release Featuring MAVANA

MAVANA Selects the AVMA PLIT Program for Property/ Casualty and Risk Management to Better Protect Its Business Operations and Practice Value


CHICAGO – September 19, 2017 – MAVANA announced a new partnership with the AVMA PLIT and its broker HUB International Midwest Limited. MAVANA has secured its property/casualty insurance lines through the PLIT program to protect the corporate entity and twenty-one MAVANA practices across the United States with nearly three hundred employees. This includes business property/liability, workers’ compensation, professional liability, and more. Additionally, MAVANA will utilize PLIT’s veterinary specific Risk Services to identify potential risks, reduce exposures, manage claims and save money.


"As we evaluate property, casualty and liability insurance offerings providing risk management under a master corporate insurance policy, it’s clear the AVMA PLIT and HUB professionals have industry expertise, breadth of knowledge and depth of experience a step above the others,” said Dr. Scott Spaulding, MAVANA President and Founder. “No one in the industry compares and we’re confident risk management for our individual practices and our corporation could not be in better hands."


The first risk management collaboration will occur on September 21, 2017 in Las Vegas during the MAVANA Practice Manager Meeting, where HUB Risk Consultant Scott Simpson will present “Employee Safety and Risk Management.” This session will cover the essentials of practice safety, team safety meetings, OSHA requirements, and the top five veterinary regulations.


“We are honored that MAVANA selected the AVMA PLIT as its trusted professional insurance partner,” said Dr. Andrew R. Clark, Chief Executive Officer, AVMA PLIT. “The PLIT and HUB have evolved to meet the needs of veterinary practices with new business models, applying our team’s breadth of expertise in the veterinary profession to efficiently on-board larger entities. MAVANA, along with its shareholders, practices, and employees, will benefit from best-in-class coverage today and throughout the practice’s continuing growth.”


MAVANA’s aim to provide the highest standards of veterinary medicine and veterinary surgery will be further supported by the PLIT, and mirror the PLIT’s long history of protecting the veterinary profession.



MAVANA (Mixed Animal Veterinary Associates North America, Inc.) was founded on December 31, 2016 with the merger of 21 mixed animal, equine, and companion animal veterinary practices located in 10 states. The 45 initial shareholders joined forces with the goal to maximize shareholder value, increase shareholder options, and maximize shareholder liquidity. MAVANA veterinary practices have the highest standards of veterinary medicine and veterinary surgery, and they are owned by veterinarians who place a high priority on optimal veterinary hospital management.


About AVMA PLIT           

For 55 years, the AVMA PLIT has been protecting veterinarians through it all. The PLIT’s mission is to provide a valuable AVMA member service that protects the assets and reputations of the participants and enhances the image of the profession. The comprehensive insurance solutions available through the PLIT program are truly unique in the marketplace with unmatched features and benefits as well as an extraordinary structure that includes oversight by a board of Trustees, who are all veterinarians, and the PLIT Trust Veterinarians. The PLIT program is designed by veterinarians, for veterinarians.



Dr. Scott Spaulding

MAVANA President and Founder

Badger Veterinary Hospital in Wisconsin



Andrew R. Clark, DVM, MBA

AVMA PLIT Chief Executive Officer

Direct: 859.533.8796


Elizabeth Stoler, Client Executive

HUB International Midwest Limited, broker for the AVMA PLIT

HUB International Midwest Insurance Agency (CA)

Direct:  312.279.4650


Kasey Jackson, Executive Vice President

HUB International Midwest Limited, broker for the AVMA PLIT

HUB International Midwest Insurance Agency (CA)

Direct:  312.279.4653