The Hartford Business Owner's Playbook

The Hartford is a leading provider of business insurance for the AVMA PLIT program and has helped veterinary practices across the U.S. prevail through unexpected events. The new edition of The Hartford Business Owner's Playbook provides specific information for all practice owners whether your business is new, growing or mature as a useful tool to refer to.

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The Risk Management tool caters to meet the needs of Veterinary Practices such as: 

  1. Finance
  2. Personnel
  3. Benefits
  4. Insurance
  5. Leadership
  6. Legal

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The updated Hartford Business Owner's Playbook has key features to ensure a robust and user-friendly experience:    


Quick Summary:


Read In Depth:


Game Plan:

The quick summary feature allows the user to 
obtain useful information to the section being covered.


The read in depth feature gives a more extensive
option to the information provided in each section.


The game plan feature, located in the read in depth section, gives the user first steps, things to consider and other helpful tips on what to do with the information provided in each section. 



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