Blunt Dissection Listeners

AVMA PLIT is passionate about keeping your business and employees safe from a myriad of adverse events and risks such as natural disasters, equipment failures, jobsite accidents and much more. 

Listeners of the Blunt Dissection Podcast will receive a free digital copy of our veterinary-specific safety manual and free quotes for business insurance policies designed to shield your practice from risk, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your patients.     


Safety Manual

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Business Owners Policies

A key part of your business is your physical space— your buildings, medical equipment, furniture, computers and more. Veterinary Business Property and Liability—also known as a Business Owner’s Policy—protects all of that and more.


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Workers’ Compensation

This policy protects your workers financially if they’re injured on the job. The PLIT program can also provide strategies for avoiding injuries in the first place.


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Employment Practice Liability

Even the most disciplined practices can face allegations of illegal employment operations, and complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) can be filed in a matter of minutes. Even if a case is meritless, allegations of harassment or wage and hour disputes are expensive to defend.


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Additional Safety & Risk Management Tools

  • Newsletters
    • Quarterly publications educating veterinarians on insurance topics including claims, industry changes, safety and loss prevention, coverage specifications and more. 
  • Employee Safety Training Modules
    • Encourage all veterinary staff to complete these online training modules covering key safety topics like hazard communication and animal restraint to help prevent accidents at your practice. 
  • Cover Your Assets Educational Module
    • “Cover Your Assets” shows veterinary students and new veterinarians how to protect their reputations and careers with the right coverage. Having the right coverage is crucial at every point in a veterinarian’s career, so get them started now. 
  • Action Center
    • Created as a 24/7 resource to educate veterinarians on the handling of claims, the online Action Center provides crucial information, videos and tools detailing what to do if you have a potential or actual malpractice claim or license complaint. It will also deepen veterinarians’ understanding of the claims process. 
  • Safety Posters
    • Order complimentary posters to display at your practice and promote a safe environment. You may also download and print your own copies.

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