Your 2024 Professional Liability Reinstatement

Reinstate your Professional Liability Coverage for 2024 

Missed the renewal period? Follow the steps below to ensure you’re covered for 2024. Submit your payment by January 31, 2024, to reinstate your Professional Liability policy through 2024 without a lapse in coverage.

Review Your Coverage

Have you changed any part of your professional or practice activity? For example: Have you become a practice owner? Do you need to add license defense coverage? Have you changed employers? Any changes in your practice type or activity can affect your coverage needs, and policy updates may be necessary. If you need help, our representatives are only a call away. Reach us toll-free at 800-228-7548.

 PencilI want to make changes.
Login and make changes to your policy
CheckmarkI want to keep my coverage as-is.
No changes are necessary. Proceed to renewing your coverage.


Reinstate Your Coverage by January 31, 2024

Select one of the below options and follow the instructions to pay your professional liability premium and reinstate coverage for 2024:

 Quick payment icon Use our quick payment option (fastest method).
Go to and follow the instructions to complete the process. 
 ComputerLogin and pay on your PLIT account.
Visit your account page and make a payment. Haven't registered for an account? Click here to register.





Pay through your bank's online bill pay.
Visit your bank's website or online banking app and locate the Bill Pay feature (where available). First, add a Payee to your account with the following information:

Payee name: AVMA PLIT
Payee address: 28240 Network Place, Chicago, IL 60673-0001
Account number: (Your PLIT policy number: eg. VETPRO0123456)

Next, use your bank's Bill Pay feature to make payment for the full amount due to complete the renewal process.

 Full payment is due by January 31, 2024.